The year that could be

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First Day Syndromes

โ€œYou feel the butterflies in your stomach flutter at the speed of a raging storm. Your each step is heavy, filled with uncertainty and fear. You are maybe, nervous as well. You know it is your first day.โ€ I honestly detest first days in general. First day in any new place where you have to … More First Day Syndromes

Books on my shelf

It is pretty evident that I love to read books. I purchase four more books even before I finish half of the book I am reading in the fear of not having anything to read next. This post is about my book list, what I want to read, what I own and need to read. … More Books on my shelf


Love nature and nature will love you. The key aspect here being, nature can survive on it’s own. But humans need nature to survive. They rely largely on nature and not the other way round. It’s time we change our perspective that Humans are the most important and are the centre of the universe. But, … More Coexist