A girl in the world.

Is this how it is. … More A girl in the world.



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Look. Look at it closely, it is scraped, carved, etched. It is bound. It has numerous stories in store. It knows the Gospels, the curses, omens. Outlived so many atrocities, calamities, seen every nook of injustices, hardships. It has faced the ungratefulness of people, they bid to show off to the entire world. But look. … More Look

All that good.

It’s sometimes more easier to “break the barriers” of thoughts and go beyond. Good ideas, good thoughts energize us, and most of the times make us look crazy. With crazy and insane comes creativity. Never try to be like someone else.. Always try to be original, creative and beautiful in your thoughts. And guess what? … More All that good.

Look look.

We seek inspiration everywhere. Everywhere outside us, around us. We look at things and constantly search for the spark that ignites our creativity. Just a small breath of air could make a difference. It gives us the inspiration we want from within ourselves. Our thoughts, ideas are our own. We are our inspiration.


Each day, each second has an oldness to it. Each passing moment becomes a part of  the past. The smell of coffee, the beauty of the flower, it is all a memory, a glory of the past. Tick-tock-tick-tock, each second has a different story to tell. Each second has something to say, has a new … More Second.