The year that could be

When the eve of the end comes closer, it is like those 7 minutes of flash you have before one dies. You remember all that happened in the previous year, the what could haves and the should haves.

This time is no less.

I believe 2016 has been a conundrum. With ups and downs like a roller coaster, it has emoted pain, sadness, anger, jealousy, happiness, satisfaction, questioning, admiration and whatever other emotion you could find in the book. It revealed my deepest weakness and helped me move forward.It showed a lot of dark sides but made the others brighter. In fact, it confused me.

Despite this, I am ready to move on, go ahead and embrace the newer year. The newer year that will bring out the same in me but in larger proportions. The year that will not necessarily mark itself in my life, but the one that will count.

And with this spirit, I bid farewell to 2016, calling and hooting for 2017 with butterflies in my tummy and chocolate in my mouth.

We are at this juncture of entering a new year. A new day, ending the miseries of the previous one. A new hour, washing our sins. A new minute, igniting our passions. A new second, holding on to us. 

Resolutions made, plans changed, priorities reset, schedules organised.
There is hope that this year will be better, it will bring happiness, success, cheer, joy, surprises and prosperity. We hope for a much more secure future, a smooth life, healthy being. 

And yes, the hope continues, it continues to come every year, at this time, at this juncture. When the clock turns 12 / 0:00, we hope to reset ourself. The zeroes symbolise our fresh start, a firmer resolve and determination.. We joke about the resolutions that were broken. We laugh at our inability to fulfill our own promises.. But instead, pay heed to the sparkle that comes again.

The twinkle that shines in your eyes when you know you have another chance. People make mistakes and they deserve a chance. 

The bygones are said bye and are gone. The spark of your smile infuses peace and love.
Happy New Chance. โค


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