​It’s that time of the year again, when the whole city is adorned in lights. We celebrate the good in people, the good in life, pray for our adorations to turn true. We cleanse our souls from our previous sins. 

Faith. Faith is such a wonderful thing. Sometimes it makes you strong and sometimes it makes you rely on something supernatural. Instead, use faith for making a better life for yourself. Have faith in yourself that you would be able to overcome everything on your own. 

Diwali. One of the most beautiful times in the year when everyone wishes for the same. People come and go to your house, long lost relatives whom you are able to catch up with. The house is donned with colorful rangolis, with oil lamps or diyas.
Be animals, eco and human friendly. Be sure your actions don’t harm your furry friends, your beautiful pink flower in your balcony or the old amaltas tree you used to climb on as a kid. They are all a big part of you and your family. And even if you aren’t an animal or nature lover, the least you can do is be friendly to the neighbors next door, the old uncle who needs a hearing aid. 

Instead of lighting up firecrackers, light up people’s faces. Help people who need your help, facilitate those people who are trying to make a better future at least for their kids. 

The crayons may open new imagination for the kids.
It is not about being selfless or doing a good deed, but instead acting as a society as a big family. Including people in our festival, thanking them for what they are doing. Inspiring them to do something good. It pinches us to pay them when they beg, at least give them something that will motivate them and bring a smile. 

It’s the thought that matters, celebrate the festival in its true spirit.
Happy Diwali. 🐾


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