​You never 

You never looked at me the way,

I wanted.

I kept fetching,


Finding the faults.

Maybe an explanation would be offered? 

There wasn’t any question,

Any confrontation.

Just me,

Residing in inhibitions.

The worthlessness,

Ringing in my ears.

The unspoken words,

drumming my confidence.


Questions. Questions.
And then. 

I realised,

It was your inhibition. 

It was your restlessness. 


Why should it effect me?

Why should it shatter me?

Why is it important?
It isn’t. 

It never was.

It never is.

It never will be. 

The only thing that drums,

Is my love.

The only thing I hum,

Is my passion.

Broken they might be,

The pieces can be fixed. 

It was there,

And it fits.


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