Impure. Unclean. Polluted. Disgusting. Embarrassing.


Women listen to these words almost every second at “that time of the month”. A consonance has been established with the fact that one of the most imperative natural cycle for survival, is looked down upon.

A slight whisper agitates people around and if spoken boldly about, it is trivialised.


The need of the hour is to speak about periods. The need of the hour is to have an open mind about it.

Why do we find it disgusting that a man purchased sanitary napkin?

Why is there a special method for taking a pad from your classmate?

Why is it, that a group of girls discussing as put down and told this is what can be expected from them?


Why is the slightest utter of the word freezes people and puts them in a spot?


A boy, a man, they need to be told about menstruation. They need to be told that periods doesn’t make a person an untouchable. The fact that people misunderstand bad days to mood swings should be open to discussion.


Arjun tried to make a change, he tried to talk about the issue. But, he is fictional. Is a guy understanding this process a myth? Or do such people exist?


Can one boy break the taboo?


A teaser to Bazzingaa Production’s Photo Project : Menses.
Picture Credits: Harika Maddala

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