Construct of Beauty

It is the essence of one’s soul.

It is the culmination of one’s character

It is the epitome of your thoughts.

It is the plethora of your innocence.
There is nothing that appeals to real people than your beauty. Your inner beauty. Your authenticity. The more you are like you, the more beautiful you are. 
Beauty is such an underrated concept. 

In the race of being better than the other, 

In the race of being the same

We forget 

Beauty lies in the eyes that are deep

The eyes that are the window to one’s emotions

The eyes that are a facade and can only be understood when unveiled. 

Beauty lies in the heart

That skips a beat when one sees their loved ones

The heart that dances on its own song.. There is beauty in everything we touch and feel

Even in the scars we want to clean.


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