Cacophonies of Change

The human mind, once accustomed to something, loves to dwell in it for a longer time. The cocoon of warmth, comfort and continuity is the safest place one wants to be. The word change has a bad ring to the ear.

Even if we have been hoping for this for a long time, once we have to actually do it, we feel lost and resist it. The closer the time for change comes, the more beautiful the existing setup feels.

I speak of this with experience, having experienced so many changes in the past two years. When I had the comfort of staying in one place, knowing everything around me, I got bored. But the moment I shifted and found a new place, it seemed more monotonous. How often is it that we embrace the new without a doubt? We regard the 0ld as boring yet we cherish its constancy. Is it the routine, the mundane that seems better only when we go away? Like they say, “You value your things more when they are far away from you”?

Is this the how we function?

Think about it.


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