The Undershop

When I went to Firozabad for my research work, I found this very interesting boy whose shop was even more fascinating.
It was under the flyover! That space, which is usually restricted for vehicles. He had a full fledged shop, selling biscuits, cold drink, packets of water, chewing gum, namkeen. Pretty standard stuff.

Now comes the better part! He was selling food as well. He had a full fledged buffet sort of a system – daal, sabzi, chawal, roti. He had chairs laid up facing the TV, under the flyover! Sip your chai, gossip, watch the serial, discuss life plans and go home. This is the way the menfolk in Firozabad recreate themselves!

If you walked a bit more ahead, there was a rickshaw stand as well!

It’s pretty fascinating how people find their way out, in their need. It was 10kms away from the highway! So next time if you are there and cannot find time to eat lunch, go have a munch at Chotu’s shop.



3 thoughts on “The Undershop

  1. Quite interesting… The way you described.. It seems to be a must visit kind of a joint in firozabad… I ll surely hv my lunch whenever I visit firozabad next… Niva πŸ˜‰

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  2. How interesting.. very enterprising! ..I guess thats what makes us Indians so versatile matter what the situation ..we try and make the best of it and find opportunities in everything πŸ™‚ ..the good old Indian ..”jugaad! “

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