My best friend just randomly messaged me that she feels she is empty, all of a sudden. She said she had been feeling this way since a long time. We talked about this for some time and I told her, the way she could get this repression out was through communicating to herself in any form.

I wanted to do something for her and so I wrote this poem. She said she smiled reading it πŸ™‚

Look my dear
The stars await to guide you
Look my dear
There is no need to worry
They love you the way you are
Look my dear
The world is your stage
It doesn’t care for your flaws
Look my dear
Your fear only binds you back

So what if you feel you are a stone
It can be melted
So what if you feel you can’t love anyone
You love yourself

Look my dear
There are so many who stand tall for you
The ones who would cross the fire for you
Look my dear
Your wonderful choices
Their love is unconditional.

So what if you feel you are broken
You can melt the glass and make a new shape
So what if you feel you are distant
Even the stars above are beautiful

Look my dear
So much awaits you
Look my dear
So many await you

Look my dear
You just smiled

You’re worth so much
And you tried


Hope you liked it. It’s great to be writing poems again ..


4 thoughts on “Look

  1. It’s so amazing to know …
    My niva s come bk on poems.. 😍
    You make us laugh you make us think you make us cry n you make us forget to blink.. 😁trying to be mother poet… Hehehe
    Am enjoying your blogs n now poems… Keep writing… At least I ll get on to reading something good… 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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