5 Must Dos for any Delhi person …

Galli Galli mein shor hain, Dilliwaalo ka zor hain … Delhi is a place where anybody, anywhere, anyhow can do anything! Dil waalo ki Dilli has everything from parties to jagratas and satsangs, from high end malls to even more amazing khokha markets. We are a bunch of emotional and sentimental fools, always ready to help someone and to beat somebody up. Here is a list of five things which are a must do for you to characterize as a Delhi person. You can see them from afar, such is their personality. If a Delhi person loves you, they will shower you with everything they have, without any expectations. We are so much and so much more.


  1. Bargaining – Apni Hak ki Ladai hain!

Every Delhi person loves to bargain in every nook and corner. Be it in Sadar Bazaar while buying pens and papers or buying boots in Greater Kailash M Block Market.

  1. Munching and Snacking

Gol Gappa, Chuski, Banta, Channa Zor Garam, Dahi Bhalla. All of these mouth watering stuff and more are the most favorite snacks of every Delhi person. We love to feed ourselves and keep our stomach full.


  1. Horn OK Please

The ability to make noise is the loudest in Delhiites. The rush to go somewhere makes us honk all the time. You can say it is our habit to press the horn and loudly so.


  1. The Oot-Patang Languagetadka maarke with slang

Delhi is a place with people from all around the country and so many other places. We adapt and adopt very quickly. Big in heart and a mix of all languages, we speak everything and anything, anywhere and anyhow. Be it loud β€œOyes” or the subtle, gaalis we give to our bosses.


  1. We are the baap, we have jugaad for everything

You can take the Dilliwaala out of Delhi, but cannot take their innate quality to find a way out from everything. Escaping challans from traffic police, finding the Kareena Kapoor wala designer lehenga in the streets of Chandini Chowk or having your way out in the odd-even, Delhi people can do anything. We can solve the difficulties of Maths through our Jugaad Power!


It is not very easy to categorize us, but these are the few things we love to do, or have done at least once in our lives.. Dil waalo ki Dilli, sabse best.

Statutory warning- All of these do not qualify for each person belonging to Delhi, some people are bounty of these and sometimes only few things are present in some people. As mentioned, it is very difficult to categorise a Delhiite, but at the same time they can be spotted from afar.

4 thoughts on “5 Must Dos for any Delhi person …

  1. You identified All these so called qualities of a true Delhite very well.. …these make us unique personalities… be it in India or any where in the world… Warm lively n helpful… πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. very true ! πŸ™‚ I can still relate to all these things even though I’ve been out of Delhi for 25 years. Like you said..once a Delhi wala..always a Delhi wala..

    Well written!

    Liked by 1 person

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