100 Happy Days.

Recently, I had taken up one of the Instagram challenges, the 100 Happy Days Challenge, wherein you post a picture a day of the things that made you feel happy.

To think of it, it really was a challenging task. Finding a thing to be happy even in the most crappiest day and clicking a picture of it.. But, it did help me feel better about the day. I could find those one or two good things that happened and change my mood. Those things which seemed irrelevant at that moment, but later you come to realise these moments are like the one spoon of curd after eating a spicy dish!ย  We all take happiness for granted. We attach too many notions, too many expectations to happiness and forget to actually be happy. Things, materials, tangible items have more value than emotions.

This challenge helped me not only to better my mood, but to understand what kinds of things makes one happy. Many a times I posted pictures of things, but the caption said it all, there were other things, non-materialistic things to be happy about.. The talk I had with a friend or family member, the happiness of being able to complete my baby project. These things cannot be captured in a picture, but in one’s heart. I take utmost pride in the previous 100 days and those make me look forward to each day ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

Having a thing to be happy about each day, sounds interesting!


One thought on “100 Happy Days.

  1. So true.. Niva… It’s so important to find happiness around you, in things you do and sometimes in emptiness… In fact most of the times .. But we forget n whin all the time for not getting it from others…

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