Look at it closely, it is scraped, carved, etched. It is bound. It has numerous stories in store. It knows the Gospels, the curses, omens. Outlived so many atrocities, calamities, seen every nook of injustices, hardships.

It has faced the ungratefulness of people, they bid to show off to the entire world. But look. Look, very carefully. It is a stone creation. A thing made of bricks, sweat and labor. And it has so much in store. It has the history, the geography and so many things, no one can realise it.

It is just a building, a monument. It has a story to tell.



One thought on “Look

  1. Well said! We can only imagine what these magnificent creations must have endured thorough ages and the tales they have hidden inside them πŸ™‚


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