Look into the Saudi world

Reading books is one of my favorite hobbies, and since a month now, I am trying to dwell in genres I haven’t read enough. The more variety you read, the more you start to appreciate language and newer ideas.

A day ago, I finished reading this book called In the Land of Invisible Women: A female doctor’s journey in the Saudi Kingdom by Dr. Qanta A. Ahmed. It embraces the Islam culture in such a way that I personally felt I was in her place, experiencing what she wrote in an anecdotal manner. The book captures the struggle of the kingdom between orthodoxy and modernity beautifully and how a Muslim woman raised in Britain feels the difference.

Dr. Qanta also explains her spiritual growth as a Muslim while she is in the Kingdom and also has the chance to do the Hajj. Her innate curiosity and the hunger to learn new things about her religion pushes her to constantly question the norms, the practice and everything there is to know.

The book kept me engrossed for hours together and whenever I read it, I felt I was in it and living the moments. Sometimes it was difficult to grasp the reality of where I was. It is a must read!


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