The VOICE of Apathy

We all live in a world, where there are numerous blunders happening everyday. News of  “kleptocracy”, the so called intolerance, violence against the minority community – be it sex, caste, race, color, religion- and so many more atrocities feature in almost everyday, and all we do is look at it, voice our pity and get back to our normal lives.

A few days ago, in Bangalore, a woman from Tanzanian origin was striped and beaten up in front of a large gathering, for no fault, apart from being from the region. We hear people saying “It was a wrong move” and “people should have not done that” or “the government should do something about it, it is a case of violation of human rights.” but we really do not see any action happening.

Why is that so?

Why, we as a society, are unable to come out of a trap, a never ending viscous circle of lies and apathy?

Not saying anything against such actions is equally if not more bad as carrying out inhumane actions. We have been silenced out so many times, we have lost our voice in the midst of it. Till the time something directly affects us, we not only do not take an action but also think these things are over-glorified and surreal.Our lives is now struck down to concern only about us, I Me Myself, but at the same time we take no hesitations in blaming the government.

If the government in a democratic country is by the people, for the people and of the people, that fundamentally calls for active participation of the people. It’s high time we call out together and voice our opinions, grievances, talk about affairs that concern not only us as and individual but as a society a whole. It’s time to start doing something, taking actions. Only when we do something, will something happen of the country. Silence the voice of apathy and increase the voice of empathy.


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