Humming through the weekend

‘Hymn for the Weekend’ is the latest Coldplay music video release shot in what is considered to be the “real spirit of India”, the lanes or gallis of the towns. The video tries to capture the essence of the company, featuring Beyonce as the typical Indian Woman.

If you look very carefully & critically at the video, it is full of what a person would say the ‘stereotypical image of India’; small kids playing on the roads, scanty movie theatres reeling movies, women & men clad in desi clothes. The main motive behind the video was to capture the Indian audience, especially with the glimpse of Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood actress. (does she really come? Or did I miss her when I blinked)

The background score is very up-beat, but does not have any connection with the video, which depicts a very famous and important festival, Holi.

Coldplay, since the beginning has been famous for having rich and meaningful lyrics, taking the song The Scientist for an example. The song connects to the listener’s soul and honestly, I can listen to it numerous times on loop. No doubt, the hymn for the weekend is a catchy but the music video was a farce. It gives a wrong message about Indian and Indian-ness, which weighs more than just poverty and dancing on the streets. India is a country rich of culture and culture is present in every aspect of it. But at the same time the portrayal of the culture is something that typically the west would see. Their perception of India is very limited.

The music video should be given credits for being shot in various locations, vibrant & colorful, but at the same time is purely misleading. The beats are catchy no doubt, but it does hit the Indian sentimentality.

Hymn for the Weekend – Official Music Video


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