Voice of its Own

Freedom of speech has been one of the most intrinsic aspects of the Indian Constitution and to a very large extent everybody has the freedom to abide by it. If a person has an idea or thought, they have every right to express it, even if it is against another person.

There would be many people who would disagree with me, and would talk about the arresting of a girl for speaking against a political group, but on the flip side, we should see that with freedom responsibility and restrictions. You cannot say something against a person without any proper facts and evidence, there should be a proper justification for your claim. You cannot wrongfully, or without any evidence accuse any person in public just for the pleasure of it. There will be many people who would talk about the flaws of the system and bending of rules and facts. But look at it this way, we are able to speak against the system, the government; we are able to access newspapers which talk about the truth and not favoritism precisely due to this freedom.

For me, India is the country where the freedom of expression is rightfully followed and pursued. Despite it’s controversial and debatable intolerance issue, India is the best place for ideas and thoughts to exist, flourish and have a voice of their own.


Look at China for instance, people read what the government wants them to read, the press speaks what the state asks them to, instead, in India, the press has its own voice, its own stance and its own slant. It does not have to obey the government and if need be, even defy it. People for that matter can also say something against the state or can voice their discontent or anything.

There are leftists, right-winged, communists and capitalists in the country, which even though are at a constant tug-o-war, but nevertheless have coexisted since the beginning.

In our constant criticism of the country, we cannot deny it of its good things as well. Every country has its goods and bads and at the same time, nothing is constant. We as a country have the freedom to bring about a change because of the right we have, which no one can take away from us.

Let us appreciate our country for all it has to offer us and make correct use of this freedom for the betterment of it.






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