Travel as you like

Traveling gives one a sense of happiness. Not only are you away from the profane life, or that noisy neighbor of yours, but you explore something new. Or perhaps, visit a known place that helps you sort things out.


Sitting alone in an airplane, the kid on my adjacent seat annoyed me with her incessant crying, but it also got me thinking. Each person, in the flight has a story, some visiting a relative or attending that friend’s marriage or perhaps going just around the corner of the festivities


Traveling gives me some different kind of happiness, that no other thing gives. It is not this journey home, but every other sudden road trip taken with family, or that planned stay at the beach. You explore new things, understand new cultures, meet people, try to speak a new language…


Grasping a new language for sure is a fun and difficult thing at the same time. Spending time in a new city, whose culture and people are poles apart from the one I have been my entire life, it sometimes does become difficult to communicate.


My friends try to keep teaching me words here and there, and it makes me realize what language does. It connects people and most importantly facilitate your travel. :’) Amidst my repeated failed attempts at learning a new language, I feel more connected to the people here. It makes you realize people everywhere are the same. You hear stories of childhood, memories of school.


Traveling to a new place is one of my most favorite things in life and a priority in my bucket list. It is a time you get to be with yourself most importantly and explore yourself. You then understand what you are capable of, how easily you can communicate. Seeing that old couple across the street from the coffee-shop you enjoy your cappuccino in, you see how easy it is to be happy, away from the materialism and the fake laughter.



3 thoughts on “Travel as you like

  1. Well said Nivriti…l traveling is not only an escape .it also gives you an opportunity to explore new cultures. .different ways of life. Allows us to connect and find common ground .

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  2. Awesome Nivriti. .. I also feel traveling gives space to unwind from ones daily mechanical routine. . It gives time to think about a change that you may want to bring about in your usual life n make it interesting once again. .. 😊

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