“Clutter – Unclutter”

We are always surrounded with things, objects, people – known and unknown. We are a part of a chaos. Our existence is always a puzzled one with the pieces not always in its place.

Some people say, there is a beauty in everything. Nothing in this world is substantially ugly. Which makes one ask, what is the beauty in chaos, a disturbing, disorganized element in life. How can that be beautiful?

To think on those lines, there is a certain kind of beauty attached with chaos as well. There are multitudes of things in a chaos- too many people, too many objects, too many thoughts, and of course a lot of knots. But despite of these aspects which feel like a hindrance, there is something that appeals to a person. Even in the argy-bargy of mundane life, there is the element of familiarity.

In crowds, we see individuals of different kinds, some loners who think everyone is different from them, some who feel that every individual is a part of them. It is a place, where individuals merge as one whole, but yet they are different. It helps individual to recognise themselves as a separate entity as well as consider themselves as a part of a whole.

We feel irritated with crowds, the chaos that lies within them. It is disturbing, unpleasing to the eye. There is a kind of negativity attached to it. Nevertheless, this chaos brings in some kind of order. The order which is unorganised, uncalled for, but is still there.

Chaos is everywhere, yet if you look carefully and deeply, there is order in each thing. Chaos is transient, not permanent- temporary, because everything in the end, falls into an order. You may say your life is a chaos, a mess, a hot-sticky mess; but at the end of it, everything falls into place, becomes organised. Or  maybe, just maybe, you become familiar with the chaos, you call it your own, you own it.

That, is what the beauty of everything, especially, human nature, behavior and mind. It strikes familiarity with everything, even with chaos. And at the end of the day, even negativity is a part of you.


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