Letting Loose

In our day to day life, we get so consumed with oneself that we forget to intercept things around us leaving no scope for our boundaries to expand. When a person tries to do that, we reprimand them and term them as a deviant, whereas truthfully, they deviate from social norms, but it is a one step closer for one to be oneself, create their own space, build their own boundaries. Our life is rendered to sordid methods, and one really does not rise above the “I”. In the jest of self-actualizing, we forget, that what makes us ” US”, is not only the self, but the people, other breathing beings around us. It drags me to a thing called spiritual perspective of human-environment relationship, where they say that environment is something that should be valued and respected instead of being exploited.  And that there is an interdependent relation between the two.

One should try to be a part of the whole, and not consider oneself as the whole. We are so busy in enhancing ourself, making our “lives” better, we forget the happiness that is attached to small things. A cup of tea with loved ones, the laughter a baby, stroking a dog, or simply cuddling with your loved ones. We have become so unattached with the world, that we have lost the importance of human touch, we sometimes even forget to smile throughout a day. Succumbing our life to stress, we have forgotten the meaning of happiness, the feeling of satisfaction and content. In search of “happiness” through material gains, we have forgotten to attach meaning to life. To give meaning to life.

All we need to really do, to be happy and content, is pause, stay, breathe and embrace what is around us, what we are, what we mean. All we need to do is accept what we have.


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